Saturday, March 12, 2005

King Tut Subjected to CT Scan

First, the good news.

Putting to rest the idle speculation (very common in this field) which has prevailed in mainstream Egyptologyy that King Tut was murdered (the possibility of poisoning still remains and is being examined), CT scans done in Egypt by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, headed by Zahi Hawass, have conclusively proven that there was no blow to the back of the head, as some had speculated, nor any other sign of foul play. Rather, Tutankhamun had broken his leg and may have died from resulting complications.

We greet this development. Egyptologists can now get back to a study of and better understanding of the artefacts from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, which they currently do not comprehend at all. See Tutankhamun's Tomb Artefacts

Then, the bad news.

We are strongly against another development which is unfortunately one of the extremely negative historical hallmarks of Egyptology: research-negating fact-defeating monopolistic secrecy by a chosen few Egyptologists. As noted in that article:

"Hawass said only the research team’s members would be allowed to study the CT images."

There is an old axiom which runs something like:

"He who has nothing to hide, hides nothing."

Let the world see the evidence. In the end, the world decides, and not research teams "consisting only of Egyptians". The kind of provincial antiquated thinking which marks the history of Egyptology is really outdated in this modern world.

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