Friday, October 14, 2005

The Origin of the Cult of Horus in Predynastic Egypt - Page 16

The Origin of the Cult of Horus
in Predynastic Egypt - Page 16

2. The Horus Falcon Name of Narmer means:
"Sovereign of the Pole"

The First Pharaonic Dynasty starts with Pharaoh Narmer (Nir-Mr), whose serekh (royal name enclosure) has also been found in present-day Israel.[39] Our research shows that at the beginning of the Pharaonic dynasties, Narmer was represented as "the sovereign of the pole", this perhaps even indicating an origin of the Pharaohs from the North.

The Mesopotamian name of the pole star Mismar[40] is possibly written out as Mis-Mar on the world-famous Narmer Palette in the hieroglyphs on the right side. Indeed, we read M-Z M-R. Could the name Nar-MER be related linguistically to the name Mis-MAR? and/or is one of these readings false, both being the same?The Narmer Palette is shown below. For the first time ever, this Palette is deciphered subsequently as the astronomy of the Pharaohs, who are uniting two kingdoms, those of heaven and earth.

Figure 10: The world-famed Narmer Palette
Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Mainstream archaeology dates Narmer to approximately 3100 B.C. Similarly, our research indicates that the first calendar of mankind started exactly on December 25, 3117 B.C. when a total solar eclipse was visible at sunrise at the winter solstice point, an incredible astronomical event. Narmer represents this event and date. As we show here, this astronomical event is clearly documented on the Narmer Palette.
[39] Thomas E. Levy, Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Yuval Goren and David Alon, New Light on King Narmer and the Protodynastic Egyptian Presence in Canaan, Biblical Archaeology [now Near East Archaeologist], 1995 Volume 58, Number 1. See
[40] R. H. Allen,
Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, Dover, NY, 1963, p. 457.

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