Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rogue Classicism - An Incomplete Posting on Shaving

At Rogue Classicism there is a posting on shaving which is excerpted from Tech Central Station and the October 11, 2005 posting "Razor Wars and the Cutting Edge of Technology" by Ralph Kinney Bennett.

At Rogue Classicism, the article on shaving is so excerpted that the Egyptian part is left out, leaving the impression that shaving started with the Etruscans, which is simply not true:

As Bennet writes, "The Egyptians, both men and women, made a fetish of shaving not only their faces but also their heads and any other body hair. Razors of gold and copper have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs."

That paragraph directly precedes the Etruscan part in the original Bennet posting. Why was the Egyptian part left out?

In view of the existing theory (not accepted by the mainstream) that Etruscan civilization took its influence from Egypt via Lydia (which we hold to be clearly true), it is, in our view, not correct to cut off that paragraph in such an otherwise complete excerpt about the history of shaving, because one leaves the false impression that the Etruscans started the practice of shaving in Rome, which simply is not true.

Is history subliminally bent in this manner to dispell contrary theories? Just leave things out that don't fit in with mainstream conceptions?

The Pharaohs were clean-shaven, which tells something about their origins, and that fact alone dispells many theories about the origin of Pharaonic civilization. And they were clean-shaven long before the Etruscans appeared, just across the water.

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