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Lower Egypt Nome 6 - ANE BC P9

Lower Egypt Nome 6 - ANE BC P9

see also Lower Egypt Nome 6 (in English) and Egyptian Nomes (in German)

Individual Nomes to be Analyzed

Starting with this posting we begin to add material to the previous postings on the Nomes of Egypt as hermetic geodetic astronomy.

Nomes of Upper and Lower Egypt

As the present posting does, we will now discuss only one nome at a time as a new separate post - but then we will also add that material to the comprehensive detail postings previously published for the Lower Egypt Nomes and the Upper Egypt Nomes. That way, those two latter permalinks will always contain all newly updated materials for all nomes even though those two postings will retain the initial old timestamp of May 26, 2004 - in spite of the fact that they contain newly added materials. These will be marked "Update", plus the date of the update.


Lower Egypt Nome 6. V of Horns of Lupus, H3sww, "mountain bull".

This is the area of sky where the stars of Lupus (Indo-European, e.g. Latvian lops, lopis (luopis) "animal, beast, cattle, livestock") and Centaurus meet. The Centaur was the ancient Minoan bull, the Minotaur, and also "on the Euphrates it was considered a complete Bull", see Richard Hinckley Allen (RHA), Star Names, pp. 150-151 (Lupus made up the head and horns).

The capital city of the sixth lower nome is Buto [Buto (de)] (Tell el-Fara'in viz. Farain), also called Uto, Edjo, Wadjet (Per-Wadjet) or Wadjit.

Wadjet was the cobra goddess of ancient Egypt twined around a papyrus stem. See Encyclopaedia Britannica under "Buto". As RHA points out, the area of connection of Lupus and Centaurus was known to the Arabs as Al Kadb al Karm, "the Vine Branch", i.e. the twine around a papyrus stem.

RHA notes that this stellar area was also called Al Wazn "weight" in Arabic, surely related to the "ground and weight" (Hadar and Wazn) of ancient stars in this region. I show that stars in this region of the heavens were originally arranged in the form of the net of the fisherman at Lupus and Centaurus according to my decipherment of the megaliths of Scotland. The net explains the use of "ground and weight", as used in net construction.

These "twins" of ground and weight are Pe and Dep, the semi-mythical Predynastic capitals of Lower Egypt at Buto, which we now can see marked the stars above and below the ecliptic. The Pyramid Texts state that Pe marks kings of "Lower Egypt" whereas Dep marks the serpent.

The use of the serpent rather than the bull came from using Serpens Caput above the ecliptic rather than Lupus and Centaur below it to mark this region of the heavens.

The Muu dancers show Dep as wearing a crown [above the ecliptic] and Pe as wearing none. DEP will be Indo-European, e.g. Latvian DEB-ess "heaven".

We now know from the above analysis that not only the nomes but also the capital city of each nome were hermetic, with the capital - in an astronomical context - presumably marking the lucida - the brightest star in each stellar region.

This area of the heavens marked the Autumn Equinox in ca. 3000 BC, where the ecliptic and the celestial equator met. Buto has three mounds, but I do not know the shape formed by these three mounds as a unit, by which one should be able determine the astronomical location in the stars exactly in the predynastic megalithic period. Perhaps these oldest mounds marked the three front prominent stars of Scorpio, as at other megalithic sites, i.e. in a prong form. The mounds of course would have preceded the later cities.

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